Engineered Wood vs Rough-Cut Timber: Which is Best for Beams?

9 Jan 2020 Building Supply

If you are designing a project with exposed beams, it is important to know what kind of wooden beam material is best suited to your needs. At Country Lumber, we provide many timber and composite wood beams, and we know that different types of beam material can make a big difference in how a building looks and feels. If you are comparing engineered wood and rough-cut timber to decide which is best for beams in your building, it can be useful to speak with a professional like the ones at Country Lumber.

Differences Between Engineered Wood and Rough-Cut Timber

When looking for a building material to use for exposed beams in a house, workspace, or commercial space, it is important to know the compared benefits of engineered wood and rough-cut timber. While both materials are great options, there are many variables that can influence which is better to use in any given situation.

Rough-Cut Timbers

If you are looking for a classic, natural style for your building, rough-cut timbers are the way to go. There are as many different types of rough-sawn timber as there are types of wood, meaning that it has great versatility in appearance. Rough-cut timbers are strong and long lasting and they have been used for ages in construction, but they can be difficult to work with if the building has any sort of rounded ceiling, as most thick timbers do not bow.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood beams are made out of layers of lumber, strands, fibers, veneers, or even particles of wood that have been glued together to create a solid length of material. There are many different types of engineered wood beams and each one has its own qualities and benefits. Some types of engineered wood are strong but not at all attractive and should not be used for exposed beams, while others, like Microlam, are very attractive and can be a great replacement for timbers. Engineered wood beams can be shaped more easily than timbers, but they stain differently than regular wood and many people prefer the pure wooden look of timber beams.

If you are interested in finding out more information about engineered wood and rough-cut timbers and which one is best for the beams in your building project, or if you would like to find out about any of the other services and supplies available from Country Lumber, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.