How to Ensure a Timeless Custom Home Design

15 Aug 2019 Custom Building

Building a custom home is an exciting and intricate process, and it can be an excellent long-term investment when done properly. At Stattonrock Design + Build, they have a wealth of experience helping clients to plan and construct practical but incredible dream homes, and they know how to ensure a timeless custom home design using the right building and design methods.

How to Build a Timeless Custom Home

Homebuilding trends are constantly changing. Once a trend becomes obsolete, it can have a negative effect on the value of homes built in that style. For this reason, it is often best to build a custom home with an eye for what features and designs will last as a timeless investment. Some of the best ways to ensure that your custom home design stands the tests of time include:

Consult an Experienced Designer

The most efficient and effective way to ensure that your home design is timeless is to talk to experts in the field. Take a look at the past work of your custom home builder before you hire them and talk to them about what suggestions they have for your home.

Study Homes and Designs

There are various ways to find classic and lasting home designs: look at other homes in your area and take pictures; conduct image searches online; keep an eye out for common factors that give homes a classic, timeless look and also watch out for features to avoid that are emerging as trends of the day.

Shoot for Understated and Sophisticated

The homes that tend to hold value over time are not typically the ones that have shock factor. Understated qualities, such as natural features, low-key colours, and classic building styles will usually last well. This is not to say that your home should be boring, but rather that the design should be more functional than flashy.

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