Extravagant Wedding Reception Ideas

14 Nov 2019 Weddings

Using extravagant wedding reception ideas can be a great way to create a knock-out wedding that guests will be talking about for a long time to come. At InStyle Floor Wraps, they understand wanting your special day to be a showstopper. That is why they have put together a list of some of their favourite over-the-top wedding reception ideas.

1. Luxury Table Settings

Why settle for basic table settings when you can have opulent place settings, featuring silver, gold, gemstones, rhinestones, and crystals? Incorporating glass or mirrors into the table decor can add to the elegant look and feel, while also reflecting any candles or lighting.

2. Hanging Ceiling Florals

Hanging long floral ropes from the ceiling can create an ethereal fairy tale setting that guests will love. Consider adding in crystal ropes for an added shimmering effect that will make the space feel even dreamier.

3. Special Effects on the Dance Floor

While having a spotlight for your first dance is nothing new, hiring a special effects group to set off small ground fireworks along with smoke and fog effects can make your first dance more than memorable. To complete the look, consider creating a custom vinyl dance floor wrap with your initials and wedding date.

4. Sculptures

Having a custom-made ice sculpture or sand sculpture can be a fun and creative way to add a modern twist on a classic idea. Consider hiring a sculptor to create a stunning visual that ties into the overall theme of your wedding.

5. Unique Entertainment

Liven up your reception by hiring some form of entertainment that your guests will not expect, such as belly dancers or fire eaters, or, if you are planning a grand wedding theme, consider hiring an entire orchestra to perform during dinner. The unique entertainment is sure to get your guests excited to see what else the night has in store.

6. Expensive Favours

Thank your guests for sharing in your special day by sending them home with an extravagant gift. The more expensive the gifts, the more your guests will feel appreciated, so do not be afraid to send them home with something flashy. Consider having custom jewellery pieces with the initials of the bride and groom on them made for the women and matching cufflinks for the men.

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