Fabric Expansion Joints for Ducting Systems

23 Apr 2020 Expansion Joints

There are many different types of industrial expansion joints that are able to be used in ducting systems and some of them are more ideally suited for flexing with airflow and system movement than others. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a wide assortment of flexible expansion joints for industrial purposes, including fabric expansion joints for ducting systems.

Why Use Fabric Expansion Joints for Ducting?

Fabric expansion joints use specialized coated fabrics that are durable enough to move and flex as a ducting system expands with shock and thermal growth. This helps to keep the ducting system from damage and unnecessary wear and tear by relieving stress and allowing for mobility between the different components of the system. Fabric expansion joints have much better flexibility and a larger range of motion than other types of expansion joints, which makes them ideal for industrial gas applications that use high-heat, low-pressure air flow systems.

Where are Fabric Expansion Joints Used?

There is a massive variety of uses for fabric expansion joints, but they are most commonly seen in hot air transfer systems, exhaust systems, and flues due to the extremely hot air that is often being dealt with in these applications. Fabric expansion joints are able to function in various temperatures while providing flexibility, and the different ways of manufacturing these joints determines how they can be used. Some of the different applications include:

Expansion Joints for Moist Air Systems

With the right designs, some fabric expansion joints can be used in both wet and dry ducting systems with varying temperatures. FC Series Flouroplastic fabric expansion joints are ideal for such systems, due to their PTFE based composition.

Expansion Joints for Low Temperatures

If a ducting system is going to be dealing with low temperatures and various chemical solutions, FL Series Flouroplastic fabric expansion joints are usually a good solution.

Expansion Joints for Extreme High Temperatures

M Series fabric expansion joints are specifically designed to be able to deal well with temperatures ranging from 400 degrees F to 2000 degrees F. This makes them ideal for flues and thermal exhaust systems.

If you would like to find out more about fabric expansion joints for ducting systems, or if you are interested in learning more about the products that Flextech Industries offers, please contact us at the location nearest you or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you.