Fall Shed Cleaning Tips

26 Nov 2020 Waste Disposal

If you have a garden shed, it can be extremely beneficial to tidy it up during fall in order to cut back on the amount of unneeded junk that you have accumulated as well as to ensure that all equipment is cared for properly before winter. At OneStop Disposal, we provide a variety of services, including junk removal and pickup services, that can help with any size of garden shed cleanout and we are always happy to offer our best fall shed cleaning tips.

Tips to Help You Clean out Your Shed

The kind of services you might require and the work it will take to clean out your garden shed will vary depending on the size of your shed and the amount of supplies that you have accumulated. Some tips that can help you to get started on your fall shed cleanout include:

Take Inventory

Before getting started, make sure that you take a long look in your shed and take a quick inventory of what you have and what you intend to throw away. Make a plan for how you intend to get rid of different materials.

Have a Bin Ready

Make sure that you have a large bin or plenty of heavy-duty bags ready to throw unwanted junk into. Depending on what kind of refuse you are planning to throw away, you may need separate containers for disposing of hazardous materials.

Start with Larger Junk

Start your work by throwing out larger, more obvious junk items. By doing this, you can make more room to work on smaller projects and move around items you intend to keep.

Empty the Shed

If your shed is not too large, it can be helpful to empty the entire shed in order to thoroughly go through what you have, what needs to be kept, and what can be thrown away. This can also help you put things back in the shed in a more organized fashion.

Check for Expired Goods

Many products can go bad in the time that they sit in a shed. Gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, and other common products found in garden sheds can expire if stored improperly. Check to ensure that all stored products are still good for use and store them as recommended for the winter.

Winterize Equipment

Lawn mowers, weed whackers, and other garden care products require proper storage techniques during winter to keep them from developing issues from improper use.

If you would like to find out more fall shed cleaning tips, or to get help with cleaning out your shed or any other aspect of your property, be sure to call the experienced team at OneStop Disposal.