Farm Fencing for Horses

25 Jul 2019 Farm Fencing

With the proper type of fencing, setting up a secure enclosure for horses can be done safely and efficiently. At Edge Wholesale Direct, they provide a variety of types of farm fencing for horses that meet safety standards and can help to ensure the safety of your animals.

Horse Fencing Standards

When building an enclosure for horses, it is important to know how to choose a safe fence product. Some standards for horse fencing include:

Fence Visibility

Horses will often run into fencing if it is too transparent, which means that barbed wire and single-strand wire is usually not the best choice for a horse fence. Make sure that any fence that you build is clearly visible from a distance and in low-light situations. Using a rail or board fence in conjunction with woven wire fencing is often a good option.

Fence Height

Many horses have been known to jump over fences when they are too short. Perimeter fencing should be a minimum of five feet tall, but some horses may even be able to jump this height. Make sure that the height of the fence is adjusted to suit more athletic horses.

Strength of the Fence

A fence that has mild resilience but will not break under pressure or impact is an excellent fence for a horse enclosure. Examples of this include no-climb woven fencing, welded utility fencing, split rail or board fencing, or a combination of these materials.


For most horse fences, it is best to use wooden fence posts. T-bar fence posts can bend and, once bent, can impale a horse with their sharp ends.

Temporary Horse Fencing

Corral panels are a great way to set up a temporary fence for horses. They are portable, easy to set up and take down, and strong. In some situations, these fence panels can even be used for semi-permanent fencing solutions. Temporary horse fencing enclosures are not as secure as most permanent options, but they do provide a great option until a proper horse fence can be set up.

If you would like to find out more about farm fencing for horses, or if you are interested in any of their wide selection of products, please contact Edge Wholesale Direct at 604-857-2496.