Fencing for BC Turkey Farms

7 Jan 2021 Farm Fencing

When picking fencing out for a turkey farm, it is important to know what to prioritize in order to properly protect your birds. Although turkeys are more than capable of flying short distances and escaping enclosures, they are usually content to stay in their pasture, as long as they have what they need to live. At Edge Wholesale Direct, we provide farm fencing products and other necessities for turkey growers and many other types of farms all over BC, and we can ensure that your turkey enclosure is optimized to keep your birds healthy and happy.

What Kind of Fence do Turkey’s Need?

Most experts recommend that a fence for a turkey enclosure be at least 4 feet tall to discourage the birds from flying out. Turkeys are able to fly, but most will be happy to stay inside of an enclosure as long as they have protection and what they need to live. If escape is a worry for your turkey farm, the bird’s wings can be clipped, or netting can be used to top off the enclosure.

Since turkey’s are not as likely to fly out of their pens, the main priority with turkey fencing is to ensure that it is able to keep predators out. In order to keep predators like foxes, raccoons, and coyotes out of your pasture, make sure that you use woven wire fencing. If possible, the bottom edge of the fence should be buried an inch or so into the ground to prevent predators from digging under it.

What Does a Turkey Enclosure Require?

Aside from protection from predators, there are a few things that a turkey enclosure should include. Turkeys are roosting birds, so you will need a number of perches and roosts for them to use, and these should also be protected from predators. A roof should also be provided for roosts to keep the turkeys happy and healthy.

Most turkeys prefer to be outdoors once they are 8 weeks old, so access to a grass range where they can feed on weeds and dust bathe is important. Unlike chickens, turkeys require a large amount of space to roam in order to stay happy.

If you would like to learn more about fencing for BC turkey farms, or to find out about the kind of products that we provide that can be used for your turkey enclosure, please contact the team at Edge Wholesale Direct.