Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Swim Ponds

15 Oct 2020 Water Features

If you are looking for a great option to add a bit of vitality to your property at the same time as giving yourself, your family, and any guests you might have over a source of relaxation, entertainment, and exercise, then a natural swim pond is the way to go. These swimming pool alternatives are great for the environment and can be incorporated with other water features, like waterfalls, to create a natural aquatic landscape that is not often found outside of nature or resorts. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we specialize in natural swim pond design and installation, and we are always happy to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about natural swim ponds.

Natural Swimming Pond FAQs

The idea of a natural swim pond is a bit alien to many people, meaning that there are many questions that pond designers frequently get asked. Some frequently asked questions about swim ponds include:

What Chemicals are Used in Swim Ponds?

The chemicals used in natural swim ponds are minimal, as they do not rely on chlorine to kill unwanted organisms. Instead, these ponds use plants and beneficial bacteria in order to stay clean, so all chemicals present are in support of these natural functions and to level out the PH levels in order to better sustain life.

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Are Swim Ponds Healthy to Swim In?

Due to the lack of chemicals and abundance of beneficial organisms, swim ponds are incredibly healthy to swim in. Natural swim ponds have all of the invigorating qualities of a lake or pond in the mountains but in a more controlled environment.

Can Fish Live in a Natural Swim Pond?

Fish can absolutely live in many different types of natural swim ponds. It is even encouraged to include them in some larger swim ponds, as they can help to balance out the ecosystem.

Do Biological Filters Need to be Cleaned?

Unlike swimming pool filters, the biological filters in swim ponds require little to no maintenance. For the most part, the filter shelf will do its own maintenance.

Can a Natural Swim Pond Freeze in the Winter?

Like most natural bodies of water, swim ponds are able to freeze in the winter without many issues occurring. Fish and plant life should be able to survive, unless any exotic organisms have been introduced to the pond, in which case special care should be taken in the winter. It is important to make sure that any pipes and pumps are properly winterized to ensure that no damage is done to the pond’s mechanical workings.

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