Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Electricity

11 Feb 2021 Licensed Electrician

With more people becoming educated about the negative impact of climate change, solar electricity has seen a rise in use and popularity. There are several benefits that solar electricity can offer, which is why you should make the big switch. These advantages include offering homeowners a sustainable energy source, reducing your electricity bill, giving you a low maintenance cost, being a weather-dependent source, and so much more.

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Some of the most frequently asked questions about solar electricity include:

Why Should You Choose to go Solar?

Installing a solar energy system on your property saves money on electricity bills. This also protects you and your family against the rising rates of energy in the future. While your savings will depend on utility rates and solar policies, going solar is always considered a smart investment.

Like other renewable energy sources, solar power provides several environmental and health benefits. It reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change, and also results in fewer pollutants in the air like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter which can cause health problems.

How do Solar Panels Work on Your Property?

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun during the day and convert it into direct current electricity. Some homes and businesses run on alternating current electricity, so the direct current electricity is transferred through an inverter to convert it to usable AC electricity. At this point, you can either utilize the electricity at home or send it back into the electrical grid.

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What are Your Investment Options?

Installing solar energy is an investment, so what are your options for financing? Some rebates and incentives may be available depending on your location. For instance, you may be able to receive tax credits, as well as cash rebates from certain municipalities. You may also be able to purchase the solar energy in cash or apply for a solar loan to purchase solar energy.

Are You Geared for Solar Electricity?

Affordability will also be a factor to consider. If you can afford to pay your electricity bills, then you should be able to easily afford a solar option. Homeowners with good credit may be able to receive zero down payment solar financing options that already include both solar loans and leases, making it simpler for homeowners to save on their energy bills with solar electricity.

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