What Garage Doors are Best?

25 Jul 2019 Garage Doors

If you are in the market for a new garage door for your home or business, there are many criteria to look into before deciding what garage doors are best for you. There are a variety of factors that go into what makes one garage door better for a certain situation or setting than another and, at Doorcare, it is their goal to set up our clients with the garage door that is best suited to their needs.

How to Choose the Best Garage Door

When looking at garage doors, it is important to keep in mind that, while there are many different levels of quality for garage doors and garage door opening systems, the best garage door will always depend on the context it is being used in. Before making a decision on the best garage door for your situation, make sure that you research the different looks, materials, and opening styles that are available, and think about how they fit your home or business.

Is the Garage Door for a Home or Business?

If your garage door is for your home, you are limited by very few factors; fit and budget are the main restrictions on whether or not a certain garage door can be used. If it is for a business, you will need to find something that not only fits the space but also functions well to keep work flowing efficiently, as well as something that suits the business model. A garage door that is designed to open a restaurant’s space onto a patio will need to be quite different from a bay door for a warehouse or machine shop.

Different Styles of Garage Doors

Once you have established the proper size restrictions, you can begin looking at the benefits of the different styles and materials for garage doors. There are many different styles and looks available, and not every type of door will suit every home. Some of the different styles and their benefits include:

Wood Panel Doors

Wood panel garage doors have the primary benefit of looking absolutely fantastic and being available in a wide array of styles. Despite their appeal, wooden garage doors usually require a high degree of maintenance.

Aluminum Full View Doors

Aluminum doors are excellent options because they are lightweight, low maintenance, and offer decent security. They are available with a variety of customizable options, such as windows, fibreglass panelling, and different aesthetic styles.

Steel Insulated Designer Doors

Steel garage doors are excellent for buildings that require security and durability. They are also available in many different aesthetic looks, making them very popular options for both businesses and homes.

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