Great Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

30 Sep 2021 Weddings

Wedding cakes are often considered to be one of the most important elements of a wedding. From the design and colour of the cake to the photos taken of the newly married couple cutting it, many memories and experiences are associated with this iconic dessert. While wedding cakes are a proven and traditional option, they are not always the best choice for every couple. As a leading provider of wedding floor wraps and other services for weddings, the team at InStyle Floor Wraps loves to help couples make their special day more unique and memorable. That is why they have provided a list of great alternatives to wedding cakes to help you choose a unique option for your special day.

Read about some creative wedding favour ideas.

5 Fun Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

The following desserts will allow you to treat your guests while creating a more unique and memorable experience:

1. Cupcakes

Full-sized and mini cupcakes are a great alternative to wedding cakes as they can be individually served to guests without the need for utensils and plates. When choosing cupcakes, a fun idea is to choose two unique flavours: one for the bride and one for the groom. This allows you to create a unique display with two distinct colours of cupcakes while giving guests some flavour variety.

2. Cookies

Cookies can be made in any style to fit your theme, venue, and colours. From classic chocolate chip and M&M cookies to colourful sugar cookies with icing, the number of options is nearly endless. A popular idea for cookies is to prepare a variety of types to serve at the wedding, giving guests the chance to choose their preferred flavour (or flavours, if there are enough cookies left).

3. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are a fun option that can suit the style of nearly any wedding. Whether you choose traditional glazed donuts, filled doughnuts, or a combination of both, these desserts can be elegantly plated for a memorable display or neatly packaged to send home with guests.

4. Chocolates

Hand-crafted chocolates are an elegant alternative to wedding cakes that can be put on display or boxed up as a wedding favour. Every chocolate can be coloured to match your wedding theme and style, making for an aesthetically pleasing and memorable treat for your guests. Much like cupcakes, a popular idea is to create a distinct flavour for the bride and groom to provide some variety.

5. Dessert Tables

If you cannot decide on a single type of dessert for your wedding, consider a dessert table. These unique displays allow you to offer a variety of baked goods and confectionary items in one location, letting guests and the wedding party choose their favourites.

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