Hobby Farm Fencing Options

12 Nov 2020 Farm Fencing

Security for farms is extremely important. Wandering animals, predators, and trespassers can all put the livelihood of a farmer at risk. Even if the farm is not designed to generate income but is rather used to supply your family with homegrown food, it is useful to know the best hobby farm fencing options. The type of fencing that is best for any farming situation can differ based on a variety of factors, so it is important to ask a couple of key questions before deciding what kind of fencing to purchase for a hobby farm.

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How to Pick the Best Hobby Farm Fencing

If the right fencing is not chosen for a hobby farm, it can sometimes be as though no fencing was installed at all. Some of the important factors to consider when choosing hobby farm fencing include:

Types of Livestock

The kind of fencing needed can vary depending on the types of livestock present on the farm. If you have goats, the fencing required will be much different from that of a farm with horses. While simple split rail or board fencing is sometimes enough for keeping horses in, smaller animals can climb through, over, or under it, so it is often better for hobby farms to go with an option such as woven wire or welded wire fencing.

Predators in the Area

Different locations have to deal with different predators. If you are trying to keep bears off your property, the best fence to use will vary from the fence used for cougars or coyotes.

Wandering Grazing Animals

Animals such as deer can wreak havoc on a hobby farm’s vegetation. Whether you have a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, or you are trying to grow small saplings, deer can ruin your growing efforts. Putting up a proper fence that is high enough that deer cannot jump over it can make a big difference in a hobby farm’s success.

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Proximity to Civilization

If your hobby farm is close to any main roads, it might be necessary to look at fencing options to keep people from wandering through your property. Many people do not know that they are trespassing while others might not care. In any case, it is important to make sure that your property is protected from uninvited guests. If you are simply trying to make people aware of your property line, the type of fencing needed can be fairly rudimentary, whereas options like barbed wire and tall no climb fencing can go farther to deterring deliberate trespassers.

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