How Much Does Home Painting Cost?

29 Aug 2019 Painting Services

Understanding how much home painting costs and the different factors that affect the overall price can help you ensure that you have the right size budget for your particular wants and needs. At Dunbar Painting, they offer a range of interior painting and exterior home painting services that are perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Factors that Affect Interior Home Painting Costs

Some of the different factors that affect the cost of painting the interior of a house include:

Paint Colours

If the current colours in your home are on the darker side, switching to a lighter colour palette can cost more money because extra coats of paint will need to be applied to cover up the darker shades. Choosing to have a higher quality paint applied to the walls in your home will also cost more than lower quality paint.

Amount of Repair Work

Home interiors that are in need of a lot of repair work, such as filling holes in the walls, tend to cost more money to paint, depending on the time and labour needed to make the repairs.

Surfaces Being Painted

One of the biggest factors that will affect the cost of painting the interior of your home is the extent of the surfaces being painted, such as walls, ceilings, doors, and trim (crown molding, baseboard, door frames, wainscoting, etc.).

Painting Over Oil Trim

Painting over oil trim can cost more money due to the labour and time that goes into degreasing, scuff sanding, and applying a high-quality product like Benjamin Moore Advance.

Factors that Affect Exterior Home Painting Costs

Some of the main factors that will affect the cost of painting the exterior of your home include:

Amount of Prep Work

Older homes with lots of failing paint tend to be more expensive to paint because it can take significantly longer to get the home’s exterior ready for the new paint to be applied.

Paint Colours

If you are wanting to have the exterior of your home painted with a variety of different colours, it is important to note that the more colours being used the more expensive the painting job will be. It is also important to note that using high-quality paints, such as Benjamin Moore Aura, will cost more than using lower quality paints.

Surfaces Being Painted

The overall cost to paint the exterior of your home will depend on the surfaces being painted, such as trim, siding, and decks. Homes that have a lot of difficult exterior areas to paint, such as dormers or narrow spaces between houses that require scaffolding, tend to be more time consuming and labour intensive to paint, which also makes the job more expensive.

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