How are LED Lights Used in Agriculture?

25 Feb 2021 Licensed Electrician

How are LED lights used in agriculture? Much like the recent scientific discoveries involving livestock and plant productions, smart farming is taking over the agriculture sector by storm. Not only does this help avoid genetically modifying our crops but it also encourages zero-pesticide farming itself. At BNR Electric, we provide a wide range of LED lighting services for agricultural buildings.

Why use LED Lights in Agricultural Buildings?

The light-emitting diode (LED) technology used in agriculture has been around for ages. Thanks to the discovery of the relationship between light photons and plant life, more farmers are slowly transitioning into modern-age farming. Issues like lack of sunlight, excessive rain, and climate change are becoming easier to manage thanks to LED technology. This method is based on how plants and livestock perceive light photons and receive heat.

LEDs are excellent imitators of sunlight, making them an efficient and convenient option for urban to wide-scale farmers. Due to an LED light’s ability to mimic the beneficial properties of natural sunlight and heat emitted by the sun, they can help maintain a plant’s natural circadian rhythm. Additionally, the technology comes with several healthy and ergonomic benefits.

Benefits of LED Lights in Agriculture

Some of the main benefits of using LED lights in agriculture include:

  • LED lights have the capability to boost plant growth in terms of shelf-life, modifying their nutrients, and keeping them away from undetectable plant diseases.
  • Plants grown indoors have a lower risk of susceptibility to climate change and the stress of external natural forces like heavy winds, storms, and excessive heat.
  • LED lights are cost-efficient and can last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
  • Farmers and growers will have ultimate control over the amount of “sunlight” or photons received by their plants and livestock.
  • LED lights produce little heat and cut back on the need for excessive ventilation.
  • You can grow your favourite plants even without the aid of natural sunlight at the comfort of your indoor garden.
  • Seasonal and rare plants can easily be grown by local farmers all year round.

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