How are Pole Barns Constructed?

23 Apr 2020 Custom Building

Understanding how pole barns are constructed will give you a clear idea of the steps a professional custom builder will take when building your barn. At Twin Maple Construction, they understand how important it is to ensure that your barn is built to the highest standards. That is why they offer a range of agricultural construction services, including pole barn construction.

Pole Barn Building Process

The steps a professional will take to build a pole barn include:

Determine the Location & Size of the Pole Barn

Before building a pole barn on your property, you will first need to find a site that is flat, graded, and has a well-drained foundation for the barn to be built on. The site should be at least six feet wider and longer than the size of the pole barn. Once you have the location figured out, you will need to determine how big you want the pole barn to be. While the size of the pole barn will depend on what the barn will be used for, it is important to keep in mind that pole barns are typically built in eight-foot sections.

Install the Poles

A professional builder will start constructing a pole barn by carefully spacing post holes, using stakes to mark the centre of each hole and to ensure that the structure’s corners are square. The depth of the post holes will vary, depending on the area and the type of soil the structure is being built on. Once the poles have been inserted into the holes, concrete will be poured into the holes to cement the poles in place.

Install Trusses & the Roof

After the cement around the poles has completely dried, a professional will start setting the beams on top of the posts. Once all of the beams are in place, the first truss will be installed. Since the first truss tends to be the most difficult, several people, ropes, poles, or braces may be required. Additional trusses can then be braced against the one that is already in place before purlins are installed across the length of the trusses. The roof can then be installed on the pole barn.

Install the Walls

If walls are being installed on the pole barn, girts will need to be mounted all around the building at ground level. The girts will be installed by nailing them to posts in several rows so that they are close enough to attach the siding to. The plywood siding or metal sheeting will then be installed, making accommodations for any windows or doors.

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