How a Bollard Works

25 Jul 2019 Fencing Products

If you have property that needs to be protected from vehicle access, having a set of bollards set up as a barrier could be a great option for you. When having bollards installed, it is helpful to know how a bollard works so that you can know if it is the best option for you. At Vulcan Metal Works, they have experience with making and installing bollards for properties all across BC.

How Does a Bollard Work?

A bollard is a pillar that is designed to prevent vehicular access to certain locations, such as driveways, parks, service roads, footpaths, or even stores. Bollards work in tandem with one another; you will seldom see only one bollard as a barrier, but rather multiple bollards arranged side by side and spaced so that foot traffic can pass, but larger vehicles are barred entry.

When you look at a bollard, you typically only see the top 50% to 70% of the pillar. The rest of the bollard extends into the ground in a sleeve to anchor it and give it structural support. When a bollard is installed, the ground is drilled or dug out in order to put the bollard in place.

Types of Bollards

There are different methods of implementing bollards as well as many materials used to make bollards. Some of the types of bollards include:

Permanent Bollards

Permanent bollards are firmly anchored into the ground. These bollards are typically poured in place rather than prefabricated, meaning that the concrete is secured right into the earth.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards can be pulled from the ground to allow vehicle access, and they are common on roads or driveways. They typically fit into a metal sleeve in the ground and they lock in place using a padlock.

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