How Do Diverter Dampers Work?

13 Feb 2020 Industrial Dampers

Diverter dampers play an important role in systems that require the flow of gas to be deliberately diverted between different outlets. There are various types of diverter dampers and they all function to accomplish the same goal of making sure that gas comes out of a system at the intended outlet. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture two different main types of industrial diverter dampers: T-diverter dampers and flap-diverter dampers.

How Do Diverter Dampers Work?

As the name implies, diverter dampers redirect the flow of gases from one outlet to another. This allows them to be used as an efficient way to recover heat, generate steam, and exhaust gases. The way that these dampers accomplish this task depends on the type of diverter damper being used. There are many reasons to use diverter dampers in any system. The low number of moving parts allows them to last longer than many other types of dampers. Diverter dampers are also incredibly inexpensive to implement and their efficient use of energy allows them to keep ongoing costs down.

How T-Diverter Dampers Work

When a system requires that gas flow be diverted in a new direction, T-diverter dampers are the way to go. These dampers allow certain sections of a system to be isolated and bypassed and they also allow gas flow to be modulated. There are different types of seals that are ideal for different applications when varying degrees of cleanness and tightness of the seal are required.

How Flap-Diverters Work

Flap-diverter dampers are especially useful in systems where high heat is a major factor, such as steam generators, heat recovery systems, and turbine exhausts. They use a flap to change the outlet that gas is pushed through in an application. Flap-diverter dampers are also ideal for systems without a clean flow of gas moving through them, as erosive materials do not come into contact with the moving blade, meaning that these dampers can last for a long time with systems that contain particulates.

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