How do Solar Panels Work?

22 Apr 2021 Solar Power

Solar panels are a green and efficient source of power that can be viable for many homes and commercial facilities. Installing solar panels can allow for independent generation of electricity that saves money and allows homeowners to sell excess power back to the grid. Knowing how solar panels work is important for determining if they are the right choice for your home or facility. As experts in solar energy systems, the team at BNR Electric has provided some information on solar panel energy production and how they work with electrical grid systems.

Learn how to install a solar panel for your home.

How Solar Panels Work – Step by Step

Though solar energy may appear complex and difficult to understand, it can be broken down into several simple steps:

  1. Sunlight makes contact with the photovoltaic cells on a solar panel, generating a direct current (DC) electric field.
  2. This DC electricity flows to the edge of each panel and into a conductive wire.
  3. The conductive wire then brings the DC electricity to an inverter where it is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity. This is used to power all electronic devices within a building.
  4. After conversion, another wire transports the AC electricity to the electric panel (breaker box) on a property. From here, the electricity is evenly distributed throughout the building as needed.
  5. Any excess electricity that is not used will flow through the building’s utility metre and into the electrical grid. As electricity flows through the metre, it causes it to run in reverse and credits the property for excess generation.

How Does Grid Connection Work with Solar Panels?

If your home or commercial facility has a utility metre, it is connected to the electrical grid. This metre is used by energy providers to measure power consumption and to supply power. When solar panels are installed, they are connected to the building’s utility metre. This allows you to measure and track the production of power from your solar energy system. If solar panels produce more electricity than the building uses, the excess power is distributed into the grid. This process is often referred to as “selling energy back to the grid” and further enhances the value of solar energy systems.

To learn more about solar energy systems, reach out to the experts at BNR Electric through their online contact form. Their team will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your specific residential and commercial needs.