How Hard is it to Vinyl Wrap a Car?

13 Apr 2021 Vinyl Wraps

When it comes to vinyl wrapping a car, it is often far more difficult than it appears. Knowing how hard it is to wrap a vehicle can help you determine if it is a job you can do yourself or if you should hire a professional. When determining how hard it is to vinyl wrap a car, there are many challenges to consider. As experts in vinyl wraps, the team at Wrap Guys has compiled a list of the most common challenges that can be encountered when wrapping a car. This information can be used to determine if you have the time and equipment needed to apply a vinyl wrap correctly.

Common Challenges When Wrapping a Car

Vinyl can be a deceptively difficult material to work with for any vehicle of any size. This is especially true if it is not applied with proper tools or at a suitable temperature. The following challenges are the most common when applying a vinyl wrap to a car:

1. Peeling Paint, Rust, and Deep Scratches

If your car has any peeling paint, rust, or deep scratches, these can become prime locations for bubbling or tearing during installation. Even if the installation goes smoothly, peeling paint or large scratches can still show through the wrap. Rust in particular is difficult for vinyl to stick to as it tends to break and flake easily. To ensure optimal adhesion between the vinyl wrap and your vehicle, it is a good idea to fix these problems before application. A certified body shop can resolve these issues correctly, leaving you with a flat and flawless surface for your vinyl wrap.

2. Air Bubbles and Dirt

Regardless of the vehicle, it must always be thoroughly washed and entirely dry before applying a vinyl wrap. Any dirt or moisture can drastically reduce adhesion, leading to air bubbles during installation. This can drastically increase installation time or lead to an uneven application around the vehicle. A deep clean and proper tools are required to ensure there are no air bubbles during or after installation.

3. Vehicle Contours and Edges

Every vehicle features different dimensions, contours, and edges. This is especially true around side mirrors, lights, and doors. The surface of your vehicle must be thoroughly mapped out to account for all unique surface elements. Failure to do so can result in excess vinyl or not enough material to cover the vehicle completely. Understanding the dimensions of your vehicle will also ensure that any cuts or trims are performed at the correct location.

To ensure that these challenges are properly solved, trust the experts at Wrap Guys. Their highly trained and skilled technicians apply every vinyl wrap with the utmost care and precision. Reach out to their team today by phone (604-996-6389) or through their online contact form to see how we can help.