How to Install a Wire Fence on Uneven Ground

15 Aug 2019 Farm Fencing

Farm fence installations can be a hassle, especially when the ground that the fence is being installed on is rough or bumpy. Knowing how to install a wire fence on uneven ground can ensure that you are prepared if your fence installation project runs into difficulty. At Edge Wholesale Direct, they provide a wide variety of fencing solutions across BC and Alberta.

Installing a Wire Fence on Uneven Ground

If you need to install a wire fence on uneven ground, there are many solutions that will allow you to complete the job. The tactic that you should use to install the fence will depend on the type of wire fence being used, the animals being fenced in or out, and the type of ground that the fence is being installed on. Some different ways to set up the fence include:

Use Different Types of Wire Fencing

There are numerous types of wire fencing, and each type works well for different kinds of animals. If you are not bound by the type of animal being contained, the simplest solution to deal with uneven ground is to change out the type of wire fence being used. Wire no-climb fencing and welded mesh fencing provide great security, but they are more difficult to install on uneven ground than wire strand or barbed wire fencing.

Dig Out the Fence Line

If the ground is forgiving enough and the variation in the ground’s level is not too drastic, one of the best ways to install a fence over uneven ground is to dig out the fence line. Mark the fence line with string and then dig the earth away to create a fence line that is level.

Cut the Fence to Form to the Ground

In cases where the ground is too tough to dig out and the ground is bumpy but not hilly, the fence can sometimes be cut to form to the ground. This tactic works best with wire fences that have been welded.

Contour the Fence

Some types of woven wire fencing will flex and contour to a rough landscape, which can be particularly useful on hilly or sloped land. Make sure that your posts are installed perpendicularly at the top and bottom of each rise and then contour the fence to the land so that there are no gaps.

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