How Long do Bandages Last?

25 Mar 2021 Safety Supplies

Bandages are an important part of any first aid kit and should be regularly inspected to ensure that they are still in good usable condition. Though most bandages technically do not have a listed expiry date, they can lose their adhesiveness, absorption, and sterility over time. When asking how long bandages last, the average is roughly 3 to 5 years depending on the bandage and the environment it is stored in. At EFAS, they understand how important it is to have high-quality first aid supplies in usable condition. That is why their team has compiled a list detailing when to replace bandages and how to help them last as long as possible.

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When to Replace Bandages

Most bandage packages do not have a clear expiration date. To ensure that your bandages are sterile and effective, it is important to recognize signs of wear and expiration. The following are signs that it may be time to replace your bandages:

  • The adhesive is showing signs of weakening or discolouration. If the adhesive is starting to wear down, the bandage will not stay where it needs to. If the adhesive has a strange texture, it may have been contaminated, further increasing the need to replace your current bandages.
  • The packaging for the bandages is yellowed. This is a clear sign that a package has been sitting in the same place for a long time.
  • The bandages have a strange odour or dark discolouration. This is likely mold and should not be applied to an open wound.
  • It has been longer than 5 years since your last purchase of bandages. After more than 5 years, it is time to replace your supply of bandages.

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How to Help Bandages Last Longer

The following actions and techniques can ensure that your bandages last as long as possible and perform as they are meant to:

  • Store your bandages in their original packaging to maximize sterility.
  • Do not store your first aid kit in moist or high-humidity areas. Exposure to moisture can lead to the presence of mold and other potential safety risks.
  • Keep your first aid kit clean through periodic cleaning and drying of the interior.

For more information on how long bandages last and other first aid supply inquiries, reach out to the team at EFAS. Their experts will work with you to ensure that you have the perfect first aid and safety solution for your needs.