How Long Does It Take to Paint a House Exterior?

9 Jul 2020 Painting Services

Determining how long it takes to paint a house exterior will depend on a variety of different factors, including the type and size of the house, the amount of prep work needed, and the number of paint colours being used. While the duration of exterior painting jobs can last anywhere between one to 45 days, professional painters like the ones from Dunbar Painting will follow a set process that is designed to ensure that the work can be completed as efficiently as possible without sacrificing on quality.

Step 1: Cleaning

In most cases the cleaning process will usually take one to one and a half days to complete, depending on the amount of work needed to ensure that the home’s exterior is clean enough to paint. A professional painter may choose to either pressure wash or hand wash the exterior, depending on the surfaces being painted.

Step 2: Prep Work

For averaged sized homes, prep work usually takes between two to five days to complete, if the house does not require intensive preparation. During this step in the process, a professional painter will properly prepare the areas being painted by repairing damaged surfaces, removing loose paint, and caulking the trim.

Step 3: Spraying Siding

Averaged sized homes that do not require intensive painting can take anywhere from two to three days to spray the house’s siding. A professional will first prime all areas of bare wood, metal rust, and hardie board, as well as high-gloss surfaces before spray painting the exterior with two coats of high-quality paint.

Step 4: Painting Trim

Depending on the size of the home, a professional painter will either hand paint or spray paint the trim and doors over an average period of three to five days. In most cases a professional will choose to paint the trim with a brush and roller unless the home has lots of architectural trim.

Step 5: Touch Ups and Clean Up

Once the exterior of the home has been painted, a professional painter will usually spend one to two days on touch ups and cleaning up the area to ensure that everything is put back in its proper place and that all garbage is removed.

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