How Much do Managed IT Services Cost?

18 Jun 2020 IT Services

When it comes to estimating how much managed IT services cost for your business, you will first need to figure out the level of IT service you are looking for. The broad range of different IT services can all come with varying costs, depending on your service provider. Before deciding on a managed IT services package for your business, make sure to speak to a reputable provider like Next Hop Solutions to get a quote based on your specific needs and situation.

Types of Managed IT Service Packages

Managed IT services are often broken down into different service levels that vary in price. While the names of service packages may differ from provider to provider, managed IT services fall under three general tiers:

Basic IT Services

Basic or entry-level IT services are offered at the lowest price and involve basic system monitoring in which the provider pays close attention to what is going on and will notify you in the event that something seems off. While this service offers the benefits of security and oversight, it does not include additional assistance if something goes wrong. Depending on the complexity of the issue that needs to be solved, the cost can quickly add up.

Mid-Range IT Services

While mid-range IT services tend to be more expensive up front, they can often save you more money over time because your provider will be able to help you avoid issues before they become major concerns. Choosing mid-range managed IT services will provide you with more than just monitoring services; it will provide you with access to a team of IT professionals who will not only keep track of your systems and notify you if something goes wrong but will also take the initiative to solve these problems.

Mid-range IT services often include:

  • IT planning
  • IT strategy
  • System backups
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Onsite support
  • Remote support
  • Disaster recovery

High-End IT Services

High-end managed IT services are ideal for businesses that need full hosting or cloud systems. In the event that you need your IT company to provide your business with an entire infrastructure or the majority of an infrastructure, the fee you pay will cover those costs. This type of IT service package provides you with a full scope of services, including the use of the systems and support services, for the increased cost of high-end pricing.

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