How Often Does Pallet Racking Need to be Inspected?

22 Apr 2021 Warehouse Equipment

Pallet racking systems are a crucial part of many warehouses and industrial facilities. To ensure optimal performance and safety compliance, these systems should be inspected at regular intervals and after certain events. Knowing how often pallet racking needs to be inspected can help you minimize the risk of safety incidents and ensure consistent performance. As leading providers of pallet racking systems, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment has provided some important information on pallet racking inspections.

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When Should you Inspect Racking Systems?

Regular planned inspections are crucial for monitoring the condition of your pallet racking systems. Pallet racking should be inspected:

After a New Installation or Update

Whether you are installing a small racking system or a massive unit that reaches up to your ceilings, they must be inspected after installation. This inspection should be performed to ensure that the racking was installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications and any relevant building codes. Any deviation from manufacturer recommendations or failure to comply with relevant standards can result in needing to reinstall the racking system.

After any Collisions or Other Damage

For busy warehouses and production facilities, small collisions and accidents are more likely to occur. If an operator contacts a post or rack with a forklift or electric pallet jack, it should be inspected to ensure that no lasting structural damage occurred. Racks should also be inspected if a pallet catches or is placed awkwardly on them. Damage from forks can be a common occurrence for pallet racking systems as well, so being aware of this damage can help you stay on top of any potential safety risks.

As Part of Regular Safety Inspections and Assessments

Rack inspections should be performed at least once per year as part of a facility safety review. During these inspections, all racking systems should be thoroughly assessed to note any damage or wear. Inspections may need to be performed more frequently for warehouses or facilities with:

  • High traffic (foot traffic, equipment, etc.)
  • Narrow aisles and tight corners
  • Transfer aisles
  • Old systems or systems with prior damage
  • Extremely cold or hot environments

If your facility has any of these characteristics, it may be a good idea to inspect your racking systems at more frequent intervals.

To learn more about pallet racking systems and safety inspections, reach out to the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. They can be reached through their online contact form and will work with you to deliver the ideal equipment solutions for your facility.