How Often Should You Replace Mulch?

4 Jul 2019 Landscape Supplies

Knowing how often you should replace mulch in your garden will help you create a better growing environment for plants of all shapes and sizes. At Just Mulch, they want to help you create the garden of your dreams. That is why they carry a wide selection of mulch and soil products for all kinds of gardens.

Why do You Need to Replace Mulch?

While mulch offers a range of benefits, such as regulating soil moisture, preventing erosion, and contributing to the health of the soil, mulch does need to be maintained. Once the mulch has decomposed into the soil and released its nutrients, it will need to be replaced. Failing to replace the mulch will mean that you are no longer providing nutrients to the soil in your garden.

Mulch that has decomposed will lose its consistency and will be unable to perform many of its other functions. This means that, once the mulch has degraded to a certain level, the moisture retention of the soil will go down and there will start to be more problems with weeds and erosion.

How Often Should Mulch be Replaced?

Determining how often you should replace the mulch in your garden will depend on the type of mulch you are using, the soil condition on your property, and the effects of the weather on the mulch. In most cases, you will only need to replace your mulch once a year.

In order to determine if you need to replace your mulch, make sure to check the mulch at the beginning of the spring to see what kind of condition it is in. If the mulch looks the same as it did when you first put it in the garden, you may not have to replace it; however, if the mulch has degraded into smaller pieces, it is probably best that you replace it.

When placing new mulch in your garden, make sure to even out the existing mulch with a rake and then laying the new mulch on top. This will allow the old mulch to continue to add any remaining nutrients to the soil, as well as save you the time and effort of removing the old mulch.

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