How Often Should You Inspect a Loading Ramp?

20 Apr 2021 Loading Ramps

Loading ramps and portable loading docks are vital assets for any warehouse or manufacturing facility. Due to their frequency of use, it is important to ensure that they are consistently inspected to monitor their condition. Knowing how often you should inspect a loading ramp can help you spot signs that you need a new loading ramp and other potential hazards. As leading providers of portable loading ramps and loading docks, Dura-Ramp understands the importance of inspections and ramp safety. That is why their team has provided a guide for daily, quarterly, and yearly inspection requirements.

Loading Ramp and Loading Docks – Inspection Requirements

Regular ramp inspections and maintenance maximize the usable life of your loading ramp while minimizing the risk of safety incidents. Different types of inspections should occur at set intervals:

Daily Inspections

This type of inspection focuses on the daily wear and tear of the ramp or dock. Daily inspections are crucial for ensuring safe operation and noting any potential safety hazards. Areas covered in these inspections include:

  • The general condition of the ramp, railings, and other crucial support systems.
  • Checking to ensure that all equipment used on the ramp and the weight of loads does not exceed rated capacity.
  • The condition of support beams and wheels (if applicable). Daily inspections are performed to check for any signs of major wear or safety hazards.
  • The functionality of dock levelling systems and electronic lifting systems. If they are not performing correctly, a more detailed inspection of these systems must be performed.

Quarterly Inspections

Quarterly inspections are more detailed and in-depth than daily inspections and should take more time. They focus on checking and documenting the condition of vital parts and systems. This makes it easy to check and compare with previous inspections to note any major signs of wear. These inspections cover:

  • The condition of guardrails, transition plates, and ramp grates, assessing the powder coating and paint for signs of flaking or rust. The condition of the steel should also be assessed to check for signs of warping, cracks, or other damage.
  • The condition and functionality of any electronic lifting or levelling systems. Inspecting motors and checking connection points are vital parts of this assessment.
  • Checking the condition and functionality of wheels and locking systems. This is important to ensure optimal mobility during transport and stability during operation.

Yearly Inspections

Yearly inspections focus on the overall condition of your loading ramp or dock. They are performed to assess any damage or wear that has occurred throughout the year and can help you determine if you need a new ramp.  Yearly inspections should take the most time and note the condition of every aspect of the ramp or dock. This information can then be used to compare with previous and future inspections.

To learn more about loading ramp inspections and safety, reach out to the team at Dura-Ramp through their online contact form. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you to provide the perfect loading ramp solution.