How to Attach a Loading Ramp to a Trailer

17 Oct 2019 Loading Ramps

For many yard loading ramps, it is important to know how to attach a loading ramp to a trailer to ensure that the transition between the ramp and the vehicle is secure for forklifts to move through in order to safely unload or load cargo. Different loading ramps have different methods of connecting to trucks and trailers and, at Dura-Ramp, we are aware of these methods and we incorporate them into our ramps as needed.

Types of Connections for Loading Ramps and Trailers

Depending on the type of ramp that you have, the kind of traffic that will be travelling between the ramp and the vehicle, and the vehicles being unloaded, the method of attaching the loading ramp to a vehicle will differ. There are three main types of transition points that can be built into a ramp to connect it to a trailer for secure loading and unloading. These types of connections include:

6” Dock Overlap Strips

Short overlap strips come with most loading ramps. They allow forklifts, pallet jacks, and people to move in and out of a truck or trailer without a gap in between the vehicle and the ramp. These overlap strips are a great option for ramps that tend to move around a shipping yard a lot and only deal with trucks that back in.

Transition Plates

Transition plates are among the easiest options to use when loading and unloading cargo. Because they are 16” long, they offer a bit of a ramp for forklifts and pallet jacks to move in and out of a trailer. Transition plates operate on a hinge that allows them to be lifted and lowered manually.

Integrated Dock Leveler

An integrated dock leveler is an excellent tool for transitioning between a loading dock and a trailer. The built-in rubber bumpers help to keep the trailer and the ramp from getting damaged. Mechanisms within the dock leveler allow for a larger range of height adjustment, making attaching a trailer to a ramp easy.

If you would like to learn more about how to attach a loading ramp to a trailer, or if you have any questions about our warehouse loading ramps or the services we offer, please contact us.