How to Build a Cattle Handling System

21 Nov 2019 Farm Fencing

Getting cattle to go where you want them to go can be a challenge without knowing how to build a cattle handling system that directs hoof traffic properly. If you are looking to put together a cattle corral that allows you to easily manage your herd, it is important to have the proper equipment on hand. At Edge Wholesale Direct, we provide a massive range of farm fencing and equipment designed to make livestock management easier.

Designing a Cattle Handling System

Although the details of different cattle handling systems might change to meet the individual needs of any ranch, the overall designs will remain fairly consistent. For example, if a corral is going to be used very frequently and will not need to move from place to place, it is better to use solid fences for the outer perimeter to prevent the fence from wear and tear, whereas temporary fence panels make for an excellent mobile system; however, the overall structure of both systems can be the same. Some things to keep in mind when designing a cattle handling system include:

1.     Create a Holding Alley

The holding alley is the section of the corral that allows the cattle to congregate and move around while they wait to be pushed through to the work area. The holding alley can be various sizes to suit the size of your herd.

2.     Build the Funnel and Chute

The funnel should be built off of the end of the holding alley to form an “L” shape, and it should narrow the path of the cows down to force them to walk through the chute in single file. The chute should then continue as a narrow, straight alley for approximately 12 feet.

3.     Build the Quarter-Circle Alley

The quarter-circle alley should feed off of the chute and lead into the cattle squeeze. This will allow the herd to slow down and not see what kind of work is taking place in the squeeze, which will keep them calm.

4.     Install the Cattle Squeeze

At the very end of the corral, fasten the cattle squeeze to the quarter-circle alley. The cattle squeeze will allow you to hold the cows in place while you do whatever work needs to be done.

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