How to Build a Garden Fence to Keep Animals Out

14 May 2020 Farm Fencing

If you have a garden and frequently find your plants are being assaulted by wildlife, it could be worthwhile to build a garden fence to keep animals out. Whether you are dealing with rabbits, deer, or any other kind of garden pest, the right kind of fence can make a big difference. At Edge Wholesale Direct, we offer a massive variety of fencing products for farms and home gardens to help protect your property and we are always happy to help our customers come up with great solutions to their fencing problems.

How to Build a Garden Fence

Garden fences can be incredibly useful if you find that your yard is being frequented by animals. Whether they are eating your fruits and vegetables or trampling your flowers, animals can make a mess of any garden.

There are many ways to build a garden fence and many different materials that can be used to do it. The best type of materials to use to build a garden fence will depend on the kinds of animals that are visiting you. The most common transgressors are rabbits and deer, so it can be useful to know how to keep these animals out of a garden. To keep rabbits out of a garden, it is best to use rabbit wire. For deer, use deer fence. The two types of fences can be installed together in order to maximize the fence’s capabilities. In order to install this kind of fence, observe the following steps:

1.     Dig a Trench

Start by digging a 6-inch wide, 6-inch deep trench around the garden perimeter. This will serve to make it more difficult for animals to dig under the fence.

2.     Install Fence Posts

Dig post holes at each corner of the garden and at 4-foot intervals between each corner hole. Place 7-foot treated or cedar fence posts in each hole. While it is possible to simply fill around each hole with dirt, it is best to pour ready-mix concrete around each post to ensure that it stays in place. Make sure each post is level as the concrete sets.

3.     Install Deer Fencing

Using staples, secure the end of the roll of deer fencing to the post next to where you would like your gate to be. Begin to unroll the deer fencing and staple it to the fence as you reach the end of each side. The fence should not be tight enough that it is pulling the posts over, but it should not have any slack along the fence line. Cut the fence once you reach the post where the gate will be and secure it in place.

4.     Install Rabbit Wire

While deer fencing can work to keep larger rabbits out of a garden, some rabbits will still be able to squeeze through the holes in the fence. Wrapping the bottom of the fence in rabbit wire will solve this problem. In the same way that the deer fencing was installed, staple the rabbit wire in place, and then fill in the trench.

5.     Install the Gate

The garden gate can be made using leftover material and 2x4s or it can be purchased from a local garden or building supplier. The installation procedure for your garden gate will depend on the type of gate being used. Before installing your gate, make sure that the post it attaches to is perfectly level. It is also often worth installing a piece of wood at the bottom of the gate that will keep rabbits from digging underneath it.

If you would like to learn more about how to build a garden fence to keep animals out, or if you would like to learn more about our farm fencing products, please contact Edge Wholesale Direct at 604-857-2436.