How to Build a Home Addition

23 Apr 2020 Custom Building

Understanding how to build a home addition will help you properly prepare for the construction process and living through a home renovation. At Alderidge Construction, they want to make adding onto your home as simple as possible. That is why they offer custom building services for home additions.

Determine the Budget & Scope

Before starting a home addition project, you will need to determine the scope and budget for your project. Since a home addition is just like building a brand-new home, it is important to set a realistic budget.

Hire a General Contractor

Home addition projects are too big and complex for homeowners to tackle on their own. Make sure to hire a reputable general contractor who has experience working on projects similar to yours and is fully licensed and insured.

Obtain Permits & Prepare the Site

Before any work can start on your home, the contractor will need to obtain the proper permits. A crew will then prepare the site by removing, demolishing, and grading everything other than level, bare dirt. In some cases, fences may need to be temporarily taken down to allow for heavy equipment to access the site.

Build the Foundation

Depending on the plans for your home addition, the crew will either pour a concrete slab or excavate to allow for a crawlspace or basement, followed by pouring concrete footers and foundation walls.

Frame the Structure

After the foundation concrete has fully cured, the floors, walls, and roof for your home addition will be framed. In some cases, some of the framing will be constructed offsite to help speed up the process.

Add the Sheathing & Roof

Since wall sheathing and roofing are vital for protecting the work that will be done on your home addition, they will be installed quickly. Wall sheathing panels are usually covered with house wrap on the outside to prevent moisture from seeping inside.

Install Windows & Doors

New windows and doors will be installed to help keep the structure weathertight and to create a dry environment for work to be completed inside the addition.

Rough-In Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC

Crucial services like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will be roughed-in, so that all pipes, wiring, and ductwork are installed and ready to go. City inspectors will then need to inspect and approve the work before the project can move forward.

Add Insulation & Drywall

Standard fibreglass batts, spray foam, or blown-in cellulose insulation will be installed in the walls of the addition before the drywall is hung, mudded, and sanded.

Finish the Interior

The interior of the home addition will be completed by installing the flooring and painting the walls and ceiling. Carpenters will also come in and put up any detailed trim work, such as baseboards, window trims, and crown moulding.

If you would like to learn more about how to build a home addition, or if you are interested in their custom building services, please contact Alderidge Construction at 1-844-RENO-453 or by booking a consultation on their website.