How to Change a Doorknob

10 Dec 2020 Building Supply

Changing out doorknobs in your home can often go a surprisingly long way to modernizing or changing your home’s look. Simple updates like doorknobs, trim, cabinet refinishing, and other improvements are all great ways to give your home a small facelift and new doorknobs can also improve functionality and security. If you are looking for new doors or door hardware, make sure you check out Country Lumber’s massive selection.

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How to Change a Doorknob

The method used to change a doorknob will occasionally vary depending on the type of doorknob, lever, or handle being replaced. Exterior doorknobs are usually a bit more challenging to replace for the sake of added security, while interior doorknobs can change based on aesthetics. In most cases, the following steps can be followed to replace a doorknob:

1.     Remove the Old Doorknob

You will first need to locate and remove the screws holding the old doorknob in place. The screws for the old doorknob could be in a variety of places. In many cases, they are covered by a plate that needs to be removed. Once the plate is moved out of the way, you can remove the screws with a screwdriver and pull the old doorknob off the door on both sides. Once this is done, you should be able to see the inner latch of the doorknob still in the door.

2.     Remove the Old Latch

The latch is held in place inside the door by a plate, which can be removed by unscrewing the fasteners on the edge of the door. Once the plate is removed, the latch can slide out easily.

3.     Insert the New Latch

Inspect the new latch and doorknob to ensure that you are inserting everything in the right direction and that it will latch correctly. Some latches are able to be extended or recessed to better suit a door frame and not cause damage to a strike plate. Insert the new latch into the slot in the edge of the door and screw the new latch plate in place.

4.     Insert the New Doorknob

The new doorknob will have two pieces: one for each side of the door. One of these pieces will have a spindle extending from it. Push the spindle through the new latch, which can be seen inside the door. Assemble the other piece of the doorknob onto the open side of the spindle and use the provided screws to fasten the doorknobs together. If a cover plate is provided, fasten this in place as well.

If you would like to learn more about how to change your particular doorknob, or to find out about the doors and door hardware we carry, please contact the team at Country Lumber and we can help you to get started.