How to Choose a Wedding Centrepiece

16 Jan 2020 Weddings

Knowing how to choose a wedding centrepiece can help save you time and frustration in the long run. At InStyle Floor Wraps, they want to help make planning your special day as stress free as possible. That is why their team has put together some simple tips for choosing the right centrepieces for your wedding.

1. Consider Table Structure

Before settling on centrepieces for your wedding reception, it is important to first select the kind of tables that will be used. While only using a single centrepiece is common for round tables, if you are planning on using on rectangular tables, you should consider using smaller centrepieces across the length of the table.

2. Consider Larger Blooms

In most cases, using larger blooms is a better approach for decorating tables, while smaller blooms can be used to complement the larger flowers; however, when selecting the types of flowers to use, make sure to keep your wedding theme in mind to ensure the flowers match.

3. Select Flowers with Subtle Fragrances

Since guests will be sitting directly in front of the centrepieces, choosing flowers with strong fragrances may make your guests uncomfortable, especially people with allergies. The smell from overly fragrant flowers may also mix poorly with the scent from the dinner being served, making it harder for guests to enjoy.

4. Keep it Simple

When it comes to centrepieces, simple is usually best. Even if the tables you are planning on using are bigger, you will still need to ensure that guests have ample space to see each other and to move their hands freely. It is also important to keep the height of centrepieces in mind, as centrepieces that are too tall can make it difficult for guests to interact with each other.

5. Consider the Space

Before selecting your centrepieces, make sure to take into consideration how much space there needs to be between centrepieces, as placing them too close together may ruin the overall look you had in mind. Instead of opting for more centrepieces, consider focusing on quality over quantity by putting your budget toward buying expensive and exotic flowers.

6. Prioritize Guests

When it comes to creating centrepieces, it is important to put the needs of your guests first. Make sure that you do not choose something that will create an inconvenience for guests and that the flowers selected have a subtle smell and are pleasing to look at.

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