How to Choose the Right Generator

27 Aug 2020 Uncategorised

Having a power generator on hand can make a big difference for your home during the next power outage in your community. Whether you live in the backcountry where power can be unreliable during problematic weather patterns or you live in the city where your work relies on having power, a generator can ensure that you are as safe, efficient, and comfortable as possible. At Western Equipment, we provide generators and other outdoor power equipment across British Columbia and we can help you to choose the right generator for your needs.

Choosing the Right Generator

There are many different types and brands of generators and each type is meant for a different purpose. If you are trying to figure out which generator is best suited to your needs, some questions to consider when choosing the right generator include:

How Much Power does it Need to Generate?

Think long and hard about what you need the generator for. Is it only being used to run some lights and charging a few small pieces of equipment, like a laptop, during a winter storm, or is it going to be running appliances during long outages? The amount of power that you need will make a difference in what the best generator option will be. Standby generators typically offer a much higher power output than portable generators, but they are also much more expensive.

Where Will You Use the Generator?

Do you intend on only using your generator for your home, or will it be used at other locations as well? If you intend on taking your generator into the woods on camping or hunting trips, you will need a different setup than if your generator is stationary, and your priorities will likely be different.

How Long Does the Generator Need to Run?

If the generator needs to run for long periods of time, it is usually best to go with a standby generator. Standby generators are typically able to run for longer periods of time and generate more power using less fuel.

What Brand do You Want?

There are numerous brands of generators available, and not all are created equal. Make sure that you talk to an expert before deciding on loyalty to a specific brand, as not every brand is able to create equal results across all types of generators. While one brand could produce exceptional inverter generators and portable generators, another brand could have them beat for standby generator performance.

If you would like to find out more about how to choose the right generator, or if you would like to learn more about any of our other products and services, please contact Western Equipment by filling out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.