How to Choose the Right Sign Stand

30 Mar 2021 Traffic Control

Though small, sign stands are a vital part of any traffic control or constriction site warning system. Knowing how to choose the right sign stand is important for ensuring optimal visibility and stability for traffic and construction warning signs. At Valley Traffic Systems, they provide a selection of sign stands that meet the requirements for any construction project or traffic control system. To ensure that the optimal sign is chosen for your specific site requirements, their experts have provided a list of tips that will help you make an informed decision.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Sign Stand

Choosing the right sign stand is important not only for site safety and visibility but also to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Ensure That it Meets Site Height Requirements

Certain warning signs must be visible from larger distances and all types of vehicles. To ensure optimal visibility, choose a tripod, springless, or spring-based stand that displays the sign at a height that allows for visibility from all key vantage points. Certain sign stands also feature integrated lights that allow for total visibility at night, making them great for operations that run well into the night. Standard tripod sign holders are sufficient for most sites, but requirements and standards vary based on jurisdiction and the type of construction. To ensure that you are complying with these standards, reach out to our team.

Consider the Surfaces the Sign Will be Placed on

A sign cannot effectively inform pedestrians or drivers of potential hazards if it is lying flat on the ground. To ensure optimal stability for your signage, consider the surfaces that the signs will be placed on. For flat concrete, a standard folding tripod design will suffice, but for dirt or gravel, you may need to consider a rigid tripod or a sign holder with a large rubber base. These designs are often better for uneven or soft surfaces, ensuring that your signs stay standing for all to see.

Do you Require a Stand with Flag Holders?

Flag holders are useful for drawing more attention to signs and serve as a safe place to hold flags for site personnel and controllers. Some tripod stands feature integrated flag holders, but others do not. For those without holders, consider a flag holder add-on. These can be added to any tripod stand and can hold up to 3 flags at once.

To learn more about how to choose the right sign stand or to browse our traffic products, reach out to the experts at Valley Traffic Systems. Their team will work with you to deliver the ideal solution for your exact site requirements.