How to Choose Your Wedding Colours

21 Jan 2021 Weddings

Since picking your wedding colours is one of the most important steps in the planning process, choosing the right colours can sometimes become overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to start. In most cases, waiting to choose your wedding colours until after setting a date and selecting a venue will make it easier for you to pick colours that will work well with the time of year and setting. If you are unsure about how to choose your wedding colours, the team from InStyle Floor Wraps has put together some simple tips to help you get started.

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1. Choose a Base Colour

The first step in choosing your wedding colours is to select a base colour, which will be used prominently throughout the wedding. In most cases, the base colour should represent the overall vibe that you are wanting to create for your wedding. Once the base colour has been selected, it will be easier for you to select other accent colours (usually two or three) that go well with the base colour.

2. Consider Setting

Already knowing what your wedding’s venue looks like will allow you to select colours that tie into the space and its surroundings. Consider getting inspiration for your wedding colours from the venue’s decor or from some of the colours in its landscaping or the view surrounding the venue.

3. Consider the Season

While wedding colours do not have to reflect the season that your wedding is being held in, it is a good idea to consider colours that are most commonly used at that time of the year. Taking your wedding season into consideration can be a great way to find inspiration for your wedding colours, especially if the season has a popular holiday like Christmas or Easter.

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4. Pick Colours that You Love

Consider choosing colours that you already love and know will look good with your complexion. Take a look around your home or in your closest to see what colours jump out at you and use those colours as the starting point for picking your wedding colours.

5. Consider Colour Gradients

Once you have your base colour, you can easily pick your accent colours by sticking to the same colour family. Using colours close together on the colour wheel will help create an ombre-inspired palette, creating a more monochromatic look for your wedding decor.

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