How to Erect Tube and Clamp Scaffolding

25 Jun 2020 Scaffolding

One of the most common types of scaffolding used in all kinds of industries around the world is tube and clamp scaffolding. There are many different types of scaffolding solutions that can be used, and it is important to know how to erect tube and clamp scaffolding so that you can use the best possible solutions for your jobsite. At United Scaffold Supply, we provide scaffolding and safety equipment throughout BC and our team is always prepared to offer advice on how to assemble scaffolding.

How to Assemble Scaffolding

Whether it is being used as access scaffolding, shoring scaffolding, or any other type of temporary structure, tube and clamp scaffolding is extremely versatile. It is frequently used in situations where obstructions are present or when the scaffold needs to be built in a non-rectangular fashion. Unlike regular framework scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffolding is incredibly customizable and can be made to suit irregular situations. Some tips for assembling tube and clamp scaffolding include:

1. Draw Out the Structure

Before beginning, make an accurate drawing of the scaffolding structure with proper dimensions that takes all of the different parts of the scaffold into account. Make sure that the platforms, cross braces, ladders, and anchor points are factored into the drawings.

2. Plan the Foundation

A strong foundation for the scaffold is vital to the safety of the job. Make sure that the ground under the scaffold is levelled out properly and that mudsills are incorporated on unstable or unpacked ground such as soil or gravel.

3. Build in Frames and Zones

It should go without saying to build from the ground up, but getting the different layers built requires a methodical approach. Build each section of the scaffold as individual frames and attach the frames together to form zones. Once you have the scaffolding built to the height at which you will be working, lay your platforms. Make sure that you anchor the scaffolding in place as you build.

4. Set Up Guardrails and Access

Guardrails should be set up around every platform to ensure safety. Ladders can be secured to the access points to offer secure, semi-permanent scaffolding access.

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