How to Fix a Pond Leak

13 Feb 2020 Water Features

If you own any kind of pond, it is important to know how to fix a pond leak so that you are prepared if your water feature starts losing water. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we specialize in installation and care for all types of ponds and we know that a leak can cause damage to the ecosystem of your aquasquape.

Finding and Sealing a Pond Leak

Before setting off on your leak-fixing crusade, it is important to know for certain that your pond has a leak to be found. Ponds naturally lose water to evaporation and the speed at which this can happen will depend on weather conditions. The sudden drop in water levels could be due to nature taking its course, so, if you are only losing a couple of inches per week during the summer, be sure to consider this explanation before going leak hunting.

If you fill your pond in the evening and wake up in the morning to find it six inches lower, that is not evaporation; that is a leak. If this sounds similar to what you are experiencing, consider the following procedure to find and fix the pond leak:

Look for Collapsed Edges

A common cause of leaks is a collapsed pond liner edge. This can happen naturally as dirt, rock, and other landscape settles and moves. Check the edges of the pond, stream, and waterfall to make sure that the edge of the liner has not shifted. If it has, simply lift it back in place and secure it with a large rock.

Finding the Leak

The first step to finding a leak is to fill the pond to its appropriate level. Next, unplug the pump to ensure that you can find out if the leak is in the pump system or the pond itself. If the pond does not leak after unplugging the pump, you can be sure that the leak is in the pump line, and you will need to call a professional. If the water continues to drop after the pump is unplugged, then the leak will be somewhere in the pond liner.

Allow the water to continue to drop. Once it stops dropping, you will know the level at which the leak is located, and you can narrow your search. Move rocks away from the liner at the level of the leak and look for puncture marks or holes.

Fixing the Leak

Once you locate the leak, make sure you have your pond liner patch kit on hand. Clean the area and try to let it dry as much as possible. If you have a patch kit that can be applied when wet, then do not worry about letting the liner dry, but it is still good to clean the liner before applying the patch. Place the patch and then replace the rocks to cover up the area that you moved them away from. Once this is done, you can fill the pond back up and turn the pump back on.

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