How to Fix Vinyl Siding

7 Jan 2021 Building Supply

Vinyl siding is a popular option for many homes in BC due to its resilience, affordability, variety, and ease of installation. Another great reason to use vinyl siding for a home is how easy it is to replace and repair when damaged. While some types of siding require intricate patches or full board replacements, vinyl siding can be fixed with a few simple tools and steps. At Country Lumber, our team can help you find all the supplies you need to fix your home’s vinyl siding if it is damaged.

How to Fix Vinyl Siding

The method that you will need to employ in order to fix your vinyl siding will depend on the size of the repair that needs to be done. If the hole or damage is small enough, it might be possible to use caulk to patch the siding. There are also many patch kits available for small holes; however, if the damage to your siding is extensive enough, you will need to replace a section of the siding panel. For many people, this is a preferable method to patching the siding anyway, as it allows for a more uniform looking repair job.

Before you get started on fixing your siding, make sure that you have a piece of replacement siding ready to use. There are many different brands and profiles of vinyl siding, so it is important to look around before you get started. Replacement siding can often be found at a local building centre, such as Country Lumber. The following steps can be used to replace vinyl siding:

1.     Separate the Damaged Siding Piece

Replacing a piece of damaged siding is easiest when you have the proper tool. Siding replacement tools have a flat hook that allows them to pry the bottom edge of a piece of vinyl siding loose from the piece below it. These tools function like a zipper, as you can run them along a piece of siding, and they separate the two horizontal pieces.

2.     Remove the Damaged Siding

Once the top edge of the damaged siding is exposed, pull the piece of siding above it away so that you can see the fasteners securing it to the wall. Use a pry bar or screwdriver to remove the fasteners and pull the damaged siding off the wall.

3.     Install the Replacement Panel

You may wish to paint the new piece of vinyl before installing it if necessary. Cut the new vinyl siding panel to the right length and push it into place. Fasten the panel in place using the appropriate fasteners.

4.     Hook the Panels Together

Once the new vinyl siding is in place, use the vinyl siding tool to hook the bottom edge of the siding panel above the replacement back over the new panel’s top edge.

If you would like to learn more about how to fix vinyl siding or what supplies are needed for the job, be sure to call the experienced team at Country Lumber and we can help you find what you need.