How to Get the Most Out of Your Swim Pond

26 May 2020 Water Features

Swim ponds are one of the most popular new types of landscape features for properties that have space for a large water feature. Recreational swimming ponds can give a home all of the entertaining capabilities of a swimming pool with much less maintenance and no harmful chemicals, while also giving the natural beauty of a freshwater ecosystem pond. If you are looking into whether this kind of water feature is right for you, it is worth knowing how to get the most out of your swim pond before getting started. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we provide a massive range of water feature installation services that can help you to turn your backyard into a private paradise.

How to Design the Perfect Swim Pond

Getting the most enjoyment and usefulness out of a swim pond is easy with the right designs. When designing your recreational swim pond, it is important that you speak with a professional pond designer so that they can help you to shape your dreams into realistic, applicable ideas. Some of the things to consider to ensure that you get the most out of your swim pond include:

Deck Space

You will not always be enjoying the pond from in the water; much of the time, you will be appreciating it from the deck, especially in the colder months. Having plenty of deck space for lounging, visiting, enjoying meals, and simply watching the water is important, and the deck should blend into the surrounding landscape and aquascape in a way that seems natural and does not make your pond look like a pool.

Landscaping and Plant Life

The landscape surrounding your pond is just as important as the pond itself. Whether you have tall rocks surrounding one side, gardens filled with flowers and trees for shade, or a simple lawn, the landscape around your swim pond will affect how the pond itself looks and feels. The plant life used in the pond is also important, both for aesthetics and for function. The plants will provide a natural cleaning system, and there are many aquatic plants that can provide pops of colour and great natural beauty.

Additional Water Features

Having other water features feed into your swim pond can create a great effect that is enjoyable both when you are swimming and lounging pond-side. A stream, fountain, or waterfall can be incorporated to create beautiful, natural-looking effects.


With the right lighting system, you can use your pond regardless of the time of day. Underwater lights and landscape lighting can help you to create great nighttime effects around your pond and create a unique swimming experience.

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