How to Hang a Field Gate

17 Oct 2019 Farm Fencing

Knowing how to hang a field gate properly can help to ensure that your herd is kept safe and cannot break free, and it can also save you from headache and frustration later on down the road. At Edge Wholesale Direct, we provide gates of all sizes and we can ensure that you get set up with a field gate that will suit your needs.

How to Hang a Field Gate

Hanging a field gate properly can be a bit of a process if you do not already have the proper posts installed or if the posts are sagging or crooked. In many cases, it will be necessary to remove the posts that you currently have in place and install new ones to ensure that the gate swings properly. The process for installing a new field gate with posts is as follows:

1.     Install the Post

To install the posts on which the gate will hinge, start by digging a 2-foot deep post hole. Set your post into the hole and fill the hole with concrete. Make sure that the post is level and tie it in place so that it does not move, and then let the concrete set.

2.     Brace the Post

Brace the hinge post to keep it in place by securing it to a beam or length of wood that stretches to the next post. This will help to keep the gate from sagging. Drill a hole through the post and use a lag bolt to secure the post to the brace.

3.     Drill Out the Hinge Bolt Holes

Most field gates will come with hinges attached to thick bolts. Measure the distance between the hinges and drill holes in the post at that interval. If the gate uses hinges with a different type of mechanism for securing the gate to the fence, follow the instructions that come with that system. If no hinges come with the gate, you can use hook hinges that work with nearly any gate style.

4.     Hang the Gate

Once the hinges are installed, you can hang the gate. Make sure that the gate swings at a right angle and that it does not snag on any uneven sections of the ground.

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