How to Improve Receiving in a Warehouse

20 Sep 2019 Loading Ramps

Efficiency is the top influencer of success in any warehouse operation. Regardless of what you are storing, where you are located, and how big your warehouse is, if things are not received, stored, and distributed efficiently, you will end up wasting time and money. At Dura-Ramp, we manufacture ramps and docks that can greatly improve receiving in a warehouse.

How to Improve Efficiency for Warehouse Receiving

There are a couple of different aspects that contribute to efficiency. Speed, organization, and effort are all important things to focus on when optimizing efficiency for any operation. For warehouse receiving, having the right tools and systems in place that minimize effort and maximize speed can help to keep the entire operation moving like a well-oiled machine. Some things to keep in mind that can help improve warehouse receiving efficiency include:

Truck Unloading Systems

The efficiency of a warehouse receiving system can be greatly reduced by having multiple plans at the ready to unload trucks. A good dock system should consist of enough loading bays to fit the size of the operation and the frequency of incoming and outgoing loads. Having the ability for forklifts to drive directly into the trucks is incredibly important to reduce time spent in loading and unloading. Make sure that your operation has a ramp system that is capable of providing loading dock support that suits your warehouse.

Reduce Dock to Stock Time

The amount of time needed to move materials from receiving to storage or stock should be minimal. Once goods are unloaded, they should be organized, labeled, and moved into stock immediately to avoid congestion in receiving.

Space Management

Making sure that the receiving bay’s space is being used as efficiently as possible will aid in keeping the operation from wasting time and becoming cluttered. The right receiving ramps can be moved and stored to make sure that space is not wasted. Pallets, shelving, and stock should be kept out of the way and forklifts should always be parked properly.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve receiving in a warehouse, or if you have any questions about our warehouse loading ramps or the services we offer, please contact us.