How to Install a Chicken Wire Fence

6 Feb 2020 Farm Fencing

Chicken wire is a great material to work with because it is flexible, light, and easy to install. As a fencing material, chicken wire is not extremely strong and its flexibility makes it easy to bend and move, so it is not usually the best choice for containing stronger animals; however, it is an excellent type of fence for containing poultry and smaller animals. At Edge Wholesale Direct, we know how to install chicken wire fencing and we are always happy to help our customers make the most of their fencing setup.

Chicken Wire Fence Installation

Setting up chicken wire is fairly easy and requires very rudimentary tools for the installation. The steps for installing a chicken wire fence are as follows:

1.     Build a Frame

Although posts can be used for chicken wire, the flexibility of the fence can cause it to sag. On top of that, it is usually best to put a mesh roof on the enclosure to prevent the animals from getting out and to discourage predators from trying to climb in. Depending on the size of the enclosure, you can usually use treated 1×2, 2×2, or 2×4 wood. Using a wooden frame will also make it easier to attach the chicken wire with staples.

2.     Dig a Trench

Because predators will likely try to dig under your chicken wire fence, make sure that you set the entire fence at least one foot into the ground. Dig a trench all the way around the enclosure.

3.     Install the Chicken Wire

Using a staple gun, attach one end of the roll of chicken wire to one corner of your frame. From there, begin to unroll the chicken wire along the length of the fence. As you reach each corner, go back along the top and bottom of the frame and staple the fence to it to ensure that it is firmly secured. If the frame is big enough, you may need to set each section of the fence into the trench separately after the chicken wire has been installed.

4.     Fill in the Trench

Once the chicken wire is installed on the frame and the frame is in place in the trench, you will need to fill it in and pack it in place. For added security, you can fill in the trench with concrete.

5.     Roof the Enclosure

Most poultry enclosures have a chicken wire roof to keep the animals from escaping. Unroll the chicken wire and stretch it across the enclosure lengthwise. At any seam where chicken wire overlaps, make sure that you use tie wire to secure the lengths of chicken wire fencing together and prevent gaps.

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