How to Install an Automatic Driveway Gate

9 Apr 2020 Fencing Products

If you have a gated driveway at your home or business, you know how annoying and inconvenient it is to have to get out of your car and open the gate in order to drive onto your property, only to then have to get out of your car and close the gate. This inconvenience is only made worse in rough weather conditions. If you require security for your property, it is worth getting an automatic gate installed on your driveway. At Vulcan Metal Works, we sell and install a wide variety of types of automatic gates and we can help you to be sure that your gate is installed properly.

How to Install an Automatic Gate

Installing an automatic gate can be complicated, depending on the mechanism that you are trying to install and how your gate is designed to open. Automatic gate openers for swing gates will typically be easier to install than those for sliding or vertical pivot lift gates. The more complicated automatic gates should only be installed by a professional to ensure that your gate is safe and functional. If you already have a swing gate and are converting it into an automatic gate, it is important to make sure that your gate opens and closes easily already, as a gate opening system is only going to function as well as the gate itself.

The steps for installing an automatic gate include:

1.     Prepare the Gate for Automation

Make sure that the gate swings freely and evenly on its hinges. If there are any obstructions or if the gate’s swing radius is not level, the automatic gate opener could be damaged. If the gate is being installed at the same time as the gate opener, make sure that the opener arm bracket is installed at the right point on the gate as per your gate opener’s instructions.

2.     Install the Post Brackets

Your automatic gate opener will have post brackets that the mechanism attaches to. Use the included hardware to install these brackets and make sure that they are installed level with the post. The gate may need to be removed to install the brackets.

3.     Install the Gate

Hang the gate on its hinges on the post, if it is not already in place. Make sure that it swings evenly and does not bind up at any points in its swing radius.

4.     Mount the Opener Arm

Attach the opener arm to the post bracket and then attach it to the gate bracket with the gate in the closed position. The opener arm should be perfectly level with the gate.

5.     Install Electronic Systems

The electronics for your automatic gate opener will vary depending on the type of system used. Make sure that you are aware of the type of power source for the system before getting started to ensure that you have the space set up to accommodate a battery, extension cord, or solar panel. Consult an electrician or experienced gate installer to get this portion of the work done safely.

As automatic gates can be pretty complicated to install, many people prefer to contact professional fencing and gate technicians. If you would like to learn more about how to install an automatic driveway gate, or if you are interested in one of our security barrier products, please contact Vulcan Metal Works at 604-862-5378 or by sending us a request on our website.