How to Install Cable Railing Around Corners

18 Mar 2021 Railings

One of the most confusing parts of installing cable railing is figuring out the best way to maneuver them around corners. If you are unsure about how to install cable railing around corners, the professional team from Vista Railings would be more than happy to answer any questions you have, as well as to help you select the best method for your specific deck space.

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Options for Installing Cable Railing Around Corners

There are three main ways to install cable railing around corners and the option that will work best for you will depend on the style of your home’s outdoor space, as well as the cable railing system you are working with. The three main options for installing cable railing around corners that you can choose from include:

1. Use a Single Corner Post with Symmetrical Cable Railing Runs

If you are installing a cable railing system that utilizes aluminum or metal posts, you might have the option to use a corner post. Corner posts or corner section pieces are specifically designed to allow cable railing to make a simple turn around corners by minimizing the stress put on the post by the tensioned cables. This is often thought to be the cleanest look since you are able to use only one post and keep your cables at the same horizontal level on each side of the post.

2. Use Double Posts on Corners

Since many systems do not offer a single corner post solution, the most popular way to install cable railing around corners is to use two deck posts anywhere the cables need to make a 90-degree turn. These deck posts should be installed about two inches away from the actual corner of the deck. The cable railing can then be threaded from deck post to deck post. By using two posts on the corner instead of one, the railing system is able to release the pressure of the 90-degree angle, allowing the posts to remain securely in place.

3. Use a Single Corner Post with Offset Cable Railing Runs

One of the easiest ways to install cable railing is to offset the cables by about half an inch to allow one set of cables to end where the next set begins. Installing cable railing this way allows you to only use a single post in each corner of the deck, as the cables will end at the post rather than making a 90-degree turn, minimizing the stress put on the post once the cables have been tensioned.

If you would like to learn more about how to install cable railing around corners, or if you are interested in one of our cable railing products, please contact Vista Railings at 1-800-667-8247. Their team would love to help you select the best cable railing installation option for your unique deck space.