How to Keep Fishpond Water Clear

21 Nov 2019 Landscape Services

At Fontana Landscapes, we frequently get asked about how to keep fishpond water clear. Although crystal clear water is attractive, it is important to remember that, when maintaining a healthy pond, clear water does not always mean that the water is healthy, just as slightly murky or discoloured water does not mean that the water is unhealthy. Ponds go through life cycles, and murky water can be a part of this. It is better to address the issue of how to properly keep fishpond water clean and healthy, rather than looking at water clarity.

Why is My Pond Water Murky?

There are many reasons that a pond’s water might become murky. Sometimes, sediment can be washed into the water by precipitation and become suspended, causing the water to appear murky or cloudy. In other cases, overactive fish might be stirring up decayed plant or animal waste. One of the most common causes of murky pond water is an algae bloom, which occurs when the water of a pond is too rich in nutrients. In most cases, pond clarity is maintained by keeping a healthy and balanced ecosystem of aquatic fish and plant life.

Keeping Fishpond Water Healthy

The best way to maintain fishpond health is by balancing the ecosystem. By planting the proper aquatic vegetation and keeping the water moving through a natural filter, you can ensure that the water stays healthy and your fish prosper. Some other ways to maintain the health of a fishpond include:

Manage the Fish Population

An overpopulated fishpond can quickly become unhealthy, which can cause murkiness. Make sure that you do not have more than 10 inches of fish for every 100 gallons of water in your pond.

Use a Proper Filtration System

Make sure that the filtration and pumping system is more than capable of handling the size of your pond. If you are using a natural plant filtration system, keep water moving through it and ensure that it is positioned on a shelf separate from the main pond depths.

Regulate Pond Temperature During Summer

Ponds can have difficulty maintaining healthy oxygen levels if the temperature gets too high. Make sure that your pond has plenty of shade during the summer months and, if the temperature of the water gets too high, introduce an aerator to keep your fish from suffocating.

Clean Out Debris Regularly

Although ponds are largely self-sustaining and self-cleaning, clearing out debris on a regular basis can help to keep excess decaying matter from settling on the bottom of the pond and introduce beneficial bacteria to replace the nutrients.

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