How to Keep Your Pond Free of Mosquitoes

20 Nov 2020 Water Features

Many owners of backyard ponds will tell you that wildlife management is one of the big dilemmas of maintaining a water feature, and one of the most difficult to manage creatures when it comes to ponds is the mosquito. Mosquitoes reproduce at high rates and can be a major nuisance to the whole neighbourhood, so it is important to know how to keep your pond free of mosquitoes. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we design and produce many types of ecosystem ponds and we are always happy to provide solutions to any pond-related problems, including how to deal with mosquitoes and other wildlife that might interfere with you enjoying your pond.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Pond

Mosquitoes can easily ruin an evening of enjoying your pond, but they are fairly easy to get rid of. Ponds provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so most mosquitoes around ponds are freshly hatched young. By making your pond less hospitable to mosquito larvae, you can greatly decrease the number of these bugs around your yard. Some ways to rid your pond of mosquitoes include:

Control Algae Growth

Algae is one of the main food sources for mosquito larvae. By cutting back the amount of algae in your pond, you remove the mosquitoes’ food supply and keep them from growing.

Eliminate Still Water

Mosquito eggs and larvae do not deal well with moving water. By keeping the water moving, you can make it difficult for mosquitoes to lay eggs and even more difficult for those eggs to survive to adulthood. A stream, waterfall, fountain, or aerator can go a long way to controlling the mosquito population. Multiple pumps can be installed to eliminate any still water in the pond.

Introduce Predators

Mosquitoes are an important base for many food chains. By introducing one of many predators that eat mosquitoes and their eggs and larvae to your pond, you can get a quick handle on how many mosquitoes your pond produces. Many varieties of fish, tadpoles, and other pond animals can reduce mosquito populations and add vibrancy to your pond. You can also create habitats for animals such as bats or dragonflies to make it easier for them to live around your pond as well.

Use Insecticide

There are many types of ecofriendly insecticides that can be used in pond water to curb mosquito growth. Most chemical insecticides are bad for other animals in and around your pond, so it is best to use a bacterial insecticide.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your pond free of mosquitoes, or to find out more about our suite of pond services, feel free to reach out to the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features and we would be happy to help out.