How to Pick the Ideal Crane for a Job in Calgary

27 Aug 2020 Mobile Cranes

There are a variety of factors that can influence what kind of equipment should be used for a hoisting job, including the location of the operation, the type of load being hoisted, and other logistics of the job. Knowing these factors is important and it can help to find a company that has experience in your area so that they can help you to think of details that you might not have considered. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we know how important it is to pick the ideal crane for a job in Calgary, and our experienced team can help to ensure that your operation is planned out properly.

What Cranes are Best for Hoisting Operations in Calgary?

Knowing what kind of crane to use for a hoisting operation in the Calgary area is important to ensure that your job goes efficiently and without any mishap. Some of the different factors to look at when choosing a crane for a Calgary job include:

Where Does the Operation Take Place?

The location of the hoisting job is a major influencer of what crane is ideally suited for the work. If the job is located in downtown Calgary and only has street access, then the type of crane might be different than if it takes place on a muddy lot near the city outskirts. The type of terrain being worked on, the kind of access available, and the amount of maneuverability required can all affect what crane is best suited to be used

What is Being Hoisted?

The type of load being lifted is the other main qualifier that determines what kind of crane should be used. If a load of construction materials is being hoisted for a new building, the best kind of crane to use will likely be different than if a new HVAC unit is being hoisted to the roof of a downtown Calgary skyscraper.

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