How to Prevent Ice Buildup in a Parking Lot

25 Feb 2021 Snow Removal

Snow and ice buildup in parking lots can cause a wide range of different issues, including compromising the overall safety of employees and customers. While plowing and shovelling can help, learning how to prevent ice buildup in a parking lot can help make your property safer for everyone. At Atlas Power Sweeping, they offer a range of ice management services that are specifically designed to help keep your parking lot as safe as possible during the winter months.

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The best technique that you can use to help prevent ice from building up in your parking lot is anti-icing because it uses a proactive approach to prevent ice and snow from compacting on surfaces, reducing the risk of people slipping and falling. Anti-icing involves applying salt to the pavement before a snowfall. Doing so will help prevent the ice and snow from bonding to the pavement, minimizing the chances of ice forming and snow sticking to the ground.

Anti-icing is a cost-effective and safe solution that can usually be completed quickly and efficiently, depending on the size of the parking lot. In addition to helping minimize the risks of ice buildup, anti-icing can help lower the need to use as much salt after a snowstorm.

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De-icing is another technique that can be used to help prevent ice buildup in a parking lot. Unlike anti-icing which involves applying salt to the pavement before a snowstorm, de-icing is a reactive technique that works to remove ice and compacted snow already on the surface by applying salt after a storm. De-icing is the most commonly used technique for winter maintenance and is most often used in areas where ice has already been bonded to the pavement and can no longer be physically removed. Applying just enough of the salt or de-icer to loosen the bond between the ice and the pavement can help make it much easier to plow the surface clean.

If you would like to learn more about how to prevent ice buildup in a parking lot, or if you are interested in their snow clearing and ice management services, please contact Atlas Power Sweeping at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on their website. Their dedicated team of professionals would love to help keep your parking lot as safe as possible throughout the year, especially during the winter months.