How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

17 Dec 2020 Painting Services

If you are planning on having every room in your house painted, it is more cost effective to have the whole house painted at the same time rather than painting one room at a time. If you are unsure how to prioritize rooms for painting, a professional painter like the ones from Dunbar Painting will help you figure out which rooms should be set aside as a refuge for you and your family while the rest of your interior house painting project is underway.

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How to Prioritize Rooms When Painting the Whole House

In most cases, a professional painter will work on painting approximately 90% of the house at once, leaving the final 10% to be completed at the end of the project. By leaving a small portion of the work until the very end, you and your family will have a refuge that you can retreat to until the rest of your home has been painted. The specific rooms that are left until the end—bedroom, bathroom, etc.—will depend on the job, the scope of work, and your family’s unique needs; however, a professional painter will usually work in all areas but will save the most disruptive parts of the work in some areas until the end, making it easier for you and your family to switch between spaces as needed.

Things to Consider When Prioritizing Rooms for Painting

When prioritizing rooms for painting, it is important to consider things that could cause extra work. For example, painting common areas first, such as hallways, is usually a bad idea because those areas are more likely to get scuffed as people move through the space, which means that they will have to be redone. A professional painting company will prioritize the areas in the home that are least likely to get scuffed or damaged by the painters during the course of the job and by anyone living in the house while it is undergoing painting.

In most cases, the entire house will be painted basically at once with the exception of a bathroom and a bedroom that you can retreat to and use. Once the rest of the house has been painted, those rooms will then be prioritized at the end of the job.

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