How to Properly Care for a Chainsaw

26 Nov 2020 Industrial Equipment

Whether you use one as part of your workday routine or only pick one up to do occasional work on your property, it is important to know how to properly care for a chainsaw in order to ensure that your tools last as long as possible and function as well as they can. With the right care and maintenance, many types of chainsaws can last for decades. At Western Equipment, we provide a variety of chainsaws and other outdoor power equipment across BC as well as maintenance and repair services for equipment such as chainsaws.

Chainsaw Maintenance Basics

Many aspects of chainsaw maintenance will depend on the kind of chainsaw that you have. The make and model of your chainsaw, its age, and various other factors will all play into how it needs to be cared for; however, there are some basic chainsaw maintenance tips that should be observed for any chainsaw.

Keep the Chainsaw Clean of Debris

Chainsaws have a tendency to generate a large amount of debris. If left alone, this debris can work its way into areas of the machine and clog up the works. It is important to make sure that your chainsaw is clean after each use.

Maintain Oil Levels

Try to get into the habit of checking the chainsaw’s bar and chain oil levels before each use. If it is low, top it off before using it. Running a chainsaw without proper oil levels is a quick way to render it useless.

Keep the Chain Sharp

A sharp chainsaw chain is vital to ensure that the system works as it is supposed to. If the chain is dull, it can overwork and burn out the engine. Make sure that the chain is sharpened regularly and replaced when needed.

Clean the Air Filter

A chainsaw’s air filter can easily get clogged with debris. Make sure that the air filter is clean before each use.

Rotate the Bar and Keep the Chain Tight

Make sure that the bar is frequently rotated to ensure that it wears down evenly. The chain tension should also be checked regularly and tightened when needed.

Maintain the Engine

The amount and type of engine maintenance required will vary depending on your chainsaw, but some of the common needs for chainsaw engines include:

  • Clean the carburetor
  • Check plugs
  • Keep the clutch lubricated
  • Maintain the starter and check for excessive wear and tear on the starter cord

If you would like to find out more information about how to properly care for a chainsaw, or if you need to get your chainsaw repaired, check in with the team at Western Equipment at our location closest to you.